Undefeated Youth

by Convictions

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Recorded with Zach Morro at The Dave


released September 4, 2011



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Convictions Birmingham, Alabama

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Track Name: Intro
Stick to your vices, they'll be your end. My convictions stay strong, my beliefs won't bend.
Track Name: Convictions
I see it in your eyes. Your fight is gone. You think you’re growing up and moving on. Your dedication has worn thin. The black ink has faded from your skin. Spew your opinions but no one cares anymore. You’re walking away so let me show you the door. You’re bringing us down but now the tables have turned. Your convictions have wavered but my fire still burns. Respect my ideals and I’ll respect yours, but when you talk shit you don’t deserve it anymore. The rest of us are here to make a change. You’re only here for your selfish gain. You’re tearing us down, so get the fuck out. Your convictions have wavered, but my fire won’t burn out.
Track Name: Undefeated Youth
Years from now I hope I’m still burning up. And that nothing will stop the fire in my gut. I vow this day to stay forever young, and I hope I die before I lose my love. Many mens’ hearts have withered. They say that they’ve moved on. But if growing up means forgetting this place, maturing is something I never want to do. This is the life I will always choose, and it may not make a bit of sense to you, but all of this means the world to me. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. So I’ll scream as loud as I can every single chance that I get. Undefeated Youth we will be, no one’s gonna’ kill the fight in me. So if these words mean as much to you, and your fire burns just as true: Please sing along with me, and let the world know that we: Won’t burn out. Won’t slow down. Won’t fall away. Won’t let this change. No matter what any of ‘em fucking say.